How do I care for my marble furniture? How do I care for my marble furniture?

How do I care for my marble furniture?

We select the highest quality and structurally sound marble available through a host of different worldwide quarries through our suppliers. Each quarry will have its own signature look and every marble piece, even from the same quarry, will be unique. Hues, veins, crystals, fossils, clouds and distinctive marks will all contribute to each piece's original characteristics. Stone forms over thousands and often millions of years; it is a prolonged process that will lead to variations in tone, colour, granularity and pattern. It should be noted that a sample is a nod towards the finished product, but it will never be a direct match.

General cleaning can be maintained by wiping the surface of the marble with a damp cloth soaked in clean water. Any liquid spills and stains should be cleaned immediately with water and a soft cloth. Do not use scouring pads, steel wool, acidic detergents or other abrasive cleaners. Marble is a limestone and therefore does not tolerate acidic liquids such as vinegar, lemon juice or wine, all of which can leave permanent staining, often impossible to remove. Should these liquids encounter the marble, they should be tackled immediately and washed away.

Marble can withstand heat for a short period, but it does not tolerate extremely high temperatures. Therefore, it is advised to avoid sudden dramatic changes in temperature and not to put hot dishes or pans directly onto the surface as marking and cracking can occur; a trivet, coaster or equivalent should be used. To avoid marking and scratching to the surface, avoid pulling or dragging any objects, all items should be lifted and then re-positioned accordingly. It is highly recommended to use a coaster or equivalent when setting any vases, dishes or glasses containing liquids to avoid damaging the surface of the marble. For extra protection, we recommend using felt pads on any coasters or trivets which come into contact with the marble.

Marble tabletops are provided with a sealing product applied; however, most tables will require maintenance every 8 to 12 months, dependant on the amount of use. Maintenance can be carried out with a commercial product, ensuring to follow the instructions closely. We would strongly advise that a small inconspicuous area be tested to ensure a satisfactory result is achievable.

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